We commit to tackling the global climate emergency 

The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time.

As engineers, our contribution will be critical in helping to both mitigate future change and adapt our infrastructure to living with this change, some of which is sadly inevitable now. Buro Happold is supporting the global climate emergency initiative by challenging ourselves to identify and put into place solutions to this urgent problem. 

On the 20th September, we will be taking part in a global day of action, joining individuals and organisations worldwide to acknowledge and demand action on these twin crises.  

Our global network of employees, collaborators and clients are being offered the chance to take part in events such as design sprints, recycling drives, hackathons, discussion groups and public protest. The breadth and number of different events reflect the enthusiasm and commitment to this cause from all corners and levels of our business to identify solutions and advocate for change.  

Fergus Anderson, senior sustainability consultant at Buro Happold is co-ordinating the action and said, “We are joining the climate action in support of the movement’s aims, and we too have made our own, and industry wide, commitments. These declarations acknowledge the twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss as the most serious issues of our time.   

This commitment is about raising awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies, advocating for faster change, calling for higher government funding to support this action, sharing our knowledge to play our full part in developing society’s understanding of these challenges, and encouraging clients to adopt regenerative principles in their projects. 

By taking action we wish to show solidarity and support to those supporting the action, as well as continuing on with our own efforts to make meaningful and purposeful progress in this area.”

Buro Happold recently signed up to a number of climate emergency declarations organised for civil, building services and structural engineers in the UK.  These sites were created with the support of the Happold Foundation.  

BuroHappold’s CEO, Neil Squibbs, also signed an open letter from businesses which urged UK government to put climate neutrality into legislation. This letter proved influential as shortly afterwards, the Prime Minister announced that the UK will eradicate its net contribution to climate change by 2050. 

Duncan Price, Partner and Buro Happold’s head of sustainability is fully supportive of Buro Happold’s involvement, and said, “Spearheading the adoption of climate and biodiversity emergency declarations among our peer group is absolutely the right thing to do. If we can get our clients and peers pointing in the same direction it will lead to new opportunities and de-couple economic success from negative impact. We want to align business success with positive social and environmental outcomes. This is the trajectory that we intend to pursue. 

We need to fundamentally change the way that we live and there is so much to gain. Who doesn’t want clean air, clean energy and communities where people thrive in close proximity with nature? We need to think about where and how we live and work, how we move and the way that we engage with our towns and cities.

What we want, is every creative and solution driven mind at Buro Happold to apply themselves to the climate emergency and make meaningful steps forward.”

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