West Hollywood Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Hollywood, CA, USA

With the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP), the City of West Hollywood is looking for pathways to dramatically reduce GHG emissions, leveraging existing programs and policies as well as developing new strategies to decarbonize West Hollywood.


More work is necessary to address the regulatory, institutional, market, behavioral, and physical changes necessary for the City to realize carbon neutrality. Additionally, the process of developing a climate vulnerability assessment will bring awareness to the largest hurdles facing West Hollywood as climate hazards strengthen and transform. Through the CAAP, a path forward will be set for adapting the City to overcome these hurdles and improve the resilience of the City’s infrastructure and social structure.

West Hollywood’s prioritization of equity in the CAAP will be particularly clear in the development of adaptation measures that focus resources on those groups that are most vulnerable to climate impacts – as often, climate change disproportionately impacts those without the resources themselves to prepare and overcome.

Image: Canva


Buro Happold is developing the West Hollywood CAAP using an evidence-based planning approach built upon quantitative and qualitative data, as well as focused project management, value-add analysis, and meaningful stakeholder engagement that will together catapult West Hollywood’s progress towards its climate and sustainability goals.


Developing a comprehensive CAAP that integrates mitigation and adaptation strategies with ongoing planning initiatives requires creativity and productive community conversation. The development of the CAAP will require support and engagement from residents, local businesses, and City leaders alike.

In coordination with the City, the Buro Happold Team will develop, evaluate and prioritize solutions using an inclusive and transparent consultation process.

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