Introducing Analytics

BuroHappold’s Analytics service is a unique data driven and people centred capability that empowers the clients to optimise the design and operations of their facilities. We combine the power of interactive data analytics, predictive modelling and realtime optioneering to maximise outcomes such as space utilisation, operational efficiency and visitor experience.

We design places for people. But how do we know how well a place will work? Can we?

Enter the world of data. A world of analytics, predictive modelling, and interactive optioneering. A platform where you analyse human behaviour, predict the future, and maximise the outcomes. In real-time.

Analytics delivers measurable outcomes for our clients. Whether it is 500% revenue increase in a museum, $3m+ cost savings in a hospital, 30% space savings and improved productivity in an office, or simply extending the longevity of a highly successful public park.

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Better Insights = Better outcomes

Our Analytics engine models the interaction of People Places and Processes within a 3D visual platform to provide easy to digest insights. This also enables the clients to rapidly test options that enhance the performance of existing and new facilities in terms of the quality of environment, economic performance of the assets, as well as human productivity and wellbeing.

Analytics is all about collaborative, data driven decision making. We turn data into insights, and insights into solutions. We combine the power of BIM, GIS, Digital Twins, BMS, IoT, Data Science and Agent Based Modelling. With an intuitive, visual and interactive interface that brings technical teams and non-technical clients and stakeholders together in a workshop environment.

Our industry leading data science capability underpins our Analytics, but is only one part of our broader digital transformation capabilities. We are helping clients embark on this journey too. We also help clients develop their own data science capabilities. This includes connecting data and analytics with building performance, leading to improved outcomes in wellbeing and productivity, and space quality and utilisation.

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