Our energy consulting work extends from energy use in individual buildings through to national level strategy

We specialise in techno-economic analysis for both supply and demand. In fact we are one of the few consultancies who can fully design energy systems and also accurately model their commercial performance. At the Energy Centre for the London 2012 Olympic Games, our introduction of innovative approaches such as carbon offsetting, enabled a 50% reduction in operational carbon emissions for the legacy venues and infrastructure, whilst attracting over £100m in private sector investment. We have also developed a stakeholder engagement capability to resolve complex technical challenges that require a degree of alignment across diverse stakeholder groups, such as the Cornwall Energy Island Initiative.

Our clients range in scale

We serve a range of clients from bodies such as National Grid (UK), to city authorities such as the Greater London Authority, Westminster Council and New York City. And from independent research organisations such as the Energy Technologies Institute, campus operators that include Cambridge University, Edinburgh University and UCL, through to developers such as TRX City at the Tun Razak Exchange in Kuala Lumpur and the London Legacy Development Corporation.

Our energy consulting services:

  • Energy supply and demand mapping – using GIS at national, regional and local authority scale
  • City and regional energy planning
  • Campus energy strategies
  • Distributed energy feasibility, planning, design, procurement and supervision
  • Energy system modelling and economics
  • Research, development and policy
  • Energy and climate programme and project management and capacity building
  • Energy strategies for new developments
  • Carbon management

Access the power of an integrated team with diverse skills

Our team comprises a range of experts whose skills span a range of technologies which include distributed generation (including all forms of renewable sources), smart grids, power systems, heat networks and building systems. This level of team integration is incredibly powerful and allows the same team to build and link together dynamic thermal building models, load forecasts, network models, economic models, business case development and real world performance data to help our clients deliver viable distributed energy projects.

However complex your challenge, we can draw on specialists from our international practice

Working with Buro Happold’s energy consultants gives you access to deep and broad experience. But imagine how your entire project can lift to another level when more of our specialists, such as Sustainability, Building Services, Structural and Facades engineers work together in a holistic way.

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