You can have high-value, low-impact building solutions that meet your sustainability objectives while creating comfortable, productive and effective environments valued by the people who use them

According to the UK Green Building Council: “Globally, the built environment accounts for 40-50% of natural resource use, 20% of water use, 30-40% of energy use and around a third of CO2 emissions. The new homes, offices and other buildings which the industry designs and develops every year are an opportunity to make sure that the built environment [makes] a positive contribution to the environment, economy and our quality of life.”

We can help you create a high-value, low environmental impact solution that provides a comfortable, productive and effective environment valued by the people who use it. Modelling environmental, technical and economic forces, we can quantify your project’s performance and remove risk at the earliest stages of the design process. Simulation software and research enables us to analyse multiple design options, giving you greater choice in the way that your environment is designed.

Highest sustainability score for One Angel Square

The Co-operative Group’s vision? A new building that would be good for their business, good for staff, good for the communities that surround it, and good for Manchester. Working with 3DReid architects, Buro Happold and contractors BAM delivered the highest BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) score to date for a building of this type, at the time of certification. Powered by rapeseed oil grown on the Co-operative’s own farmland, the company can control the majority of their own heat and power supplies, while easy access via cycle routes, bus and tram will help to cut down on traffic pollution.

The importance of early intervention

As government agencies, institutions and private-sector clients continue to raise the bar on sustainability and long-term return on investment, environmental performance modelling will play an increasingly important role in realising successful buildings. The Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital is just one example of how investment in sustainability analysis early on in a project can help to capture its full potential.

Can sustainability and luxury work together?

The Carlyon Bay Development says they can. The largest single private sector investment currently proposed in Cornwall, Carlyon Bay is a unique opportunity to incorporate high quality, luxury, owner-occupied and holiday accommodation with leisure and commercial facilities. Buro Happold’s sustainability experts engineered a reduction in CO2 emissions by 25% compared to Building Regulations Part L (2006), with up to 15% renewable energy generated on site. Rainwater harvesting, use of sustainably sourced building materials, efficient structural designs and passive environmental solutions such as natural lighting, ventilation and cooling will minimise energy consumption and environmental impact while reducing operating costs.

Our sustainability services include:

  • Developing sustainability objectives that meet and exceed expectations
  • High value and low impact solutions which create comfortable, productive and effective environments that are valued by the people who use them
  • Modelling environmental, technical and economic forces in order to quantify performance and remove risk at the earliest stages of the design process
  • Employing simulation software and research to analyse multiple design options
  • Integrating economic and social goals within consultation and modelling services, to provide holistic solutions that meet the overall needs of businesses and stakeholders.

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