How can you better connect people, goods, services and places?

You can expect advice from our team across all sectors regarding the creation of a quality travel experience. We work through the design and delivery of a range of solutions, managing the demand for travel and embracing the principles of mobility as a service. As examples, we developed a transport strategy and programme for Buraidah in Saudi Arabia, our mobility management specialist skills led to our ground breaking BeMobility Project in Berlin and we’ve supported organisations such as Bath Rugby Club in the UK on travel planning for its Stadium. Our transport advice has also been a key element to our masterplanning work on numerous developments including innovative solutions for KA-CARE hospital in Riyadh and the major redevelopment on the former Filton Airfield, Bristol, UK.

By combining our extensive knowledge of traditional transport planning, with an understanding of human behaviour, we design more intuitive routes into and around a development. In particular, these open up the space to pedestrians, as we have done at Connolly Station in Ireland.

Do you require integrated transport plans and solutions to unlock developments? In Oman, the Al Duqm masterplan for the new city will include the country’s first integrated public transport plan, as part of our work to help make the client’s vision viable.

Transport Strategy

Our team provides transport planners, facilitators and providers with objectives and a method for delivering improved transport services and systems, thereby connecting people, goods, services and places

We fully appreciate the importance of planning transport for the future, ensuring that transport strategies are supported by realistic objectives, funding and programmes for development. We are able to advise on how strategies can accommodate new and improved transport systems alongside changing mobility needs and behaviour, so that strategies are flexible and resilient. Whether it is a comprehensive transport strategy with multiple objectives or strategies focused on single issues, we are able to provide our clients with best practice advice in an independent and thought provoking manner.

Find out more on our transport strategy page.

Mobility Management

Mobility Management enables everyone to fully understand their mobility needs and challenges and the way they operate in order to facilitate change of behaviour, optimise the use of the transport systems and connect people, goods, services and places

We appreciate the level of human focus required to understand why issues arise with a site’s transport accessibility. People sit at the heart of transport and mobility, and transport systems should meet their changing lifestyle needs. This understanding sits within our Transport Development Planning and Transport Strategy work, but also forms a core service in itself – offering specialist knowledge on behaviour change, changing modes of transport and understanding changing transport demands. We understand the future potential of mobility as a service and use this to bring forward innovative ground breaking approaches to problem solving.

Find out more on our mobility management page.

Transport Development Planning

Transport Development Planning provides land owners, developers and city planners with an understanding of how to integrate transport and mobility needs with that of land use planning and ensure a symbiotic urban fabric, thereby connecting people, goods, services and places

We relish the opportunity to provide robust and comprehensive advice to clients throughout all stages of the planning process, from its earliest stages when opportunities to influence a design and add value are greatest, through to post-application inputs.

Find out more on our transport development planning page.

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