Utilisation of space and time in an urban context is becoming even more expensive, therefore the way in which waste is managed needs to evolve to work with these issues

Equally, solutions to manage waste must also adapt and reflect the growing global pressures of resource scarcity, ensuring that waste management becomes more than a policy direction.

At Buro Happold we fully understand these problems and, whether we are part of a major large scale masterplan or a small scale building project, our waste and logistics consultants develop bespoke waste management solutions. These are evident on the Haramain High Speed Rail project which has facilitated the quick turnaround of servicing the trains.

We provide detailed management plans to minimise risk and to ensure delivery of sustainable solutions that balance the needs of the design against actual operational requirements. At the Tate Modern we’ve improved their recycling rate from 16% to over 50%, creating a far more sustainable future for the gallery. In Scotland, our research for NHS Scotland has highlighted provisions for internal waste logistics within hospitals as a huge step towards achieving the “Zero Waste to Landfill” policy.

Our waste management services include:

  • Design and advice on waste management infrastructure
  • Characterising, quantifying and costing of waste flows
  • Building reverse logistics
  • Economic appraisal of waste systems
  • Smart systems in waste collection
  • Analysis of opportunities for local treatment of waste via infrastructural assessments
  • Local waste policy and legislation review local waste infrastructure review
  • Presentation of storage, collection and treatment options

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