Water is one of our planet’s fundamental, natural assets and our engineers ensure that this precious resource is managed in the most sustainable way possible, whether it is at a building, masterplan or city scale

We specialise in identifying innovative solutions to ensure maximum, sustainable performance. Practising expertise in cloud-to-coast engineering we deliver sustainable civil engineering solutions across the globe, from the earliest stages of project feasibility, through the planning stages, to detailed design and site supervision. Our work at Battersea Power Station is a great example of how these solutions can be delivered to achieve high levels of resilience in terms of flood risk, whilst the environmental impact of the development is minimised by the sustainable use of water and maximising river cargo for the removal of muck away from the site.

We practise our engineering in an ever-changing environment and our engineers constantly challenge themselves to ensure that the most appropriate and resilient solutions are identified to respond to the present and potential future conditions. This could be when considering climate change impacts in order to ensure sustainable flood risk management, like our work to undertake a comprehensive and independent technical review of the Arriyadh Stormwater Masterplan for Riyadh city, providing evidence-based recommendations of where investment in flood risk management and mitigation infrastructure should be prioritised. Or by taking an integrated approach to water management and infrastructure design in order to recycle grey and black water and re-use it for irrigation, reducing the potable water demand at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our links within the engineering profession and academia ensure that we remain at the forefront of our field in a rapidly evolving industry, and this helps ensure that we are able to deliver best practice within current guidance at a local, national and international scale.

Coastal and Maritime Engineering

Creating and maintaining seafront developments is complex and challenging, but sites next to the sea are universally exciting and valued by people. We relish the opportunities these sites present to create truly wonderful and sustainable places.

Find out more on our coastal and maritime engineering page.

Flood Risk Management

Flood risk management is a vital consideration for any development. At Buro Happold we specialise in managing risks from all sources including tidal, fluvial, surface water, groundwater and water mains failure.

Find out more on our flood risk management page.

Waterfront Development

Key to many aspects of engineering a successful waterfront development is the consideration of the environment in the broadest sense; sympathetic material choice, sustainability and ecology considerations, low impact construction techniques and long term maintenance requirements.

Find out more on our waterfront development page.

Water Resource Management

Water is a finite, precious resource and the pressures associated with water scarcity, alongside the challenges of managing flood events, are becoming increasingly focused across the globe. The impact of climate change and increasing urbanisation brought on by population growth, has meant that effective Water Resource Management (WRM) is a high priority on many of our projects.

Find out more on our water resource management page.

River Engineering

Rivers are the historical life-blood of our cities. At Buro Happold we ensure the opportunities of riverside developments are fully realised in a way that doesn’t compromise the environment or local communities.

Find out more on our river engineering page.

Water Utility and Network Design

Water infrastructure is the lifeline by which water is delivered to cities and developments to support numerous agricultural, human and industry demands. It is essential to the successful delivery of effective water resource management.

Find out more on our water utility and network design page.

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